The Memorial Garden is centered around a statue of the Holy Spouses, Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Joseph. Together the Patrons of the Unborn offer compassionate comfort to the afflicted. Too often mothers grieve alone, and families suffer in silence at the loss of a preborn child. Even when small deceased babies are not named or memorialized, they remain unforgettable. The Memorial of the Unborn is a place of consolation both for post-miscarriage and post-abortion healing, as well as a witness to the sacredness of all human life and the hope for reuniting with each tiny family member in Eternity. As we begin to restore the culture of life, the Memorial Garden is a place where mothers, fathers, and other family members can come together to name their child and to permanently honor him or her with a memorial plaque.


Memorial Plaque

  • Made of beautiful, polished, imperial red granite, engraved in your choice of gold or white lettering.

  • Engraving up to 3 lines of 17 characters per line, usually contains simply the name and year or month or specific date of loss

  • We provide a commitment to permanent maintenance and record-keeping of your child’s information. A Perpetual Care fund is kept exclusively for this purpose and is subsidized by a 17% surcharge on the cost of a plaque.

  • Pricing for the plaques is scaled according to the location chosen at the Memorial (see the following two pages for pricing based on the identifying number of the wall chosen, and the height in the Top, Bottom, or Middle section of the wall). Profits from the plaques also help us serve those with recent miscarriages who have difficulty financing entombment in a crypt at the Memorial for the remains of their baby.

  • For those who live far away and may never have the opportunity to visit the Memorial, we can e-mail a photo of their mounted plaque

Memorializing Your Child

Every deceased human being deserves to be permanently remembered here on earth. For Christians, a tangible memorial in a reverent space expresses our belief in the immortal soul and our hope for being reunited in Eternal Life. Having an engraved plaque for your baby mounted in the Memorial of the Unborn is a spiritually and emotionally healing celebration of your child’s life. Each personalized plaque is a testimony to the unique existence and dignity of the person remembered. The Memorial will be visited regularly by so many who will pray for all those memorialized and periodic liturgical services will be offered for them.

Many have lost preborn babies recently or many years ago. Some have given those babies a name and many have not. A great honor for a mother and family is to name their child. Every human being deserves to be given a name. Naming establishes a familial bond with one’s immortal offspring. It recognizes that no matter how painful the loss is, life and relationship are never ended. For losses in the early weeks of gestation, parents may first reply that they do not know whether their child is a boy or a girl. In such circumstances, a name applicable to either could be chosen. Many times, however, a mother has a sense of whether her child is a son or daughter, and a name could well be chosen based on her maternal instinct.

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