Recollection Youth Group (English)

Meets every Monday 6:30pm-8:30pm in OLG Hall

15 yrs and older

Contact person Stephanie Mendoza

Phone # 932-3665

Theology of the Body Youth Group (English)

Meets every Friday from 7:00-8:45pm in San Juan Diego Room at OLG Shrine on Brundage site

14yrs and older

Contact person Myrna Aguilar

Phone 204-4517

Saulo De Tarso Youth Group (Spanish)

Meets every Friday from 6:30-9pm in Social Hall

Meets every Saturday from 6-9pm in Social Hall

15 yrs and older

Contact person Juan Rodriguez

Phone # 805-4619

Holy Spirit Youth Group (bilingual)

Meets every Thursday from 7-9pm at Holy Spirit Mission

14 yrs and older

Contact person Verenice Ortiz

Phone # 371-1340

Marello Youth Council

Meets the last Tuesday of the month

From 6-7:30pm in Rectory dining room

Contact Person Myrna Aguilar 204-4517

All youth group coordinators meet and discuss youth events.


Among several Spanish-speaking countries and among many Hispanics in the United States there is the custom of celebrating the passage from childhood to adolescence with a ritual that expresses thanksgiving to God for the gift of life and that asks for a blessing from God for the years ahead. The Quinceañera, though not a sacrament is sacramental and therefore, can be celebrated in different forms depending on the family’s needs and its participation in the life of the parish.

Remember: the Act of Thanksgiving and the Blessing given are the key elements in the Quinceañera. The ceremony should be very memorable for those involved, especially the teen, family and close friends.

A family is considered active in the life of faith of the Church if:

* regular attendance at Mass

* regular attendance of religious education classes.

* family registered in the parish

* the Quinceañera needs to be involved in the youth program

The Quinceañera must have ALL the following done before the date of the celebration:

* the Quinceañera must have received the sacrament’s of Baptism and First Communion (a copy of the certificate must be submitted if not done at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

* must receive the Rite of Reconciliation (confession)

If the Quinceañera is lacking in any of these requirements, there will be no celebration.

For more information regarding celebrating a Quinceañera at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church please contact the office: 661-323-3148