The pro-life committee began as in the year of 2013 as a necessity to promote the dignity and sanctity of life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death, as well as to honor the name of our parish ‘Shrine of OLG, Patroness of the Unborn”.

Contact Information: 

Coordinator: Marina Aurelo
facebook: OLG Pro-Life Ministry


  • We have monthly meetings every Friday of the month at St. Gabriel room at 5:30pm and we start with by watching an episode of Beloved (DVD series on the mystery and  meaning of marriage) The only month that we won’t meet the first Friday of the month is in December due to the novena of OLG-that date will be switched to Monday, November 30th at 6:30pm in same room.
  •  We host /co-host 3 events during the year. A pro-life movie in the first trimester of the year, a main event on October (this will be the first year), and the baby shower  on December 25th for needy mothers or mothers who were tempted to abort their babies but did not. The latter has been hold for many years by Lupita Morelos and her crew.
  •  Lupita Morelos also started the Spiritual adoption program at our parish, and the pro-life committee is involved. The Spiritual Adoption program is a 9 month activity in which people are asked to adopt a baby in danger of being aborted, names the baby and says a small prayer for that baby and his/her parents everyday starting on March 23 all the way to December 25th. This ends with the celebration of the baby shower and all the babies that were saved from abortion.
  •  The PLC helps out a little by trying to get parishioners to sign in and commit at least an hour of their time to pray outside the abortion chamber for the end of abortion for the 40 day prayer vigil. This is a 40 day, 24 hour a day payer campaign that is held twice a year. One starting on Ash Wednesday and the other one starting on September.
  •  We have also the blessing of having Sandra Garcia being trained in the Embrace program. It’s a program to assist parents and families in the grieving and healing process of losing a baby in the womb or still born baby. Two sessions were held along with a memorial mass for all those babies, in which parents had the chance to name their lost babies and offer a white rose as an offering.

Our Lady of Guadalupe and St Joseph 3 001

Memorial of the Unborn

Upcoming Events

Join us in this annual event to show with our peaceful presence the sanctity and dignity of life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. Be the voice of LIFE!
  • 40 days Prayer Vigil  – September 28th to November 6th
Join us in prayer around the clock and vigil to end abortion. We need  you! An hour of your week, 148 hours, will make the difference.  We pray outside the abortion chamber on 25th and H St. To sign up for one hour vigil shifts please call 323-2229.  BE THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS BABIES!
  • Pro-Life Movie

Private screening of VOICELESS at Maya Cinemas. October 7, 2016 at 7pm. Tickets sold at Right to Life Kern County

Perennial events:

*Bilingual Embrace mass in memory of deceased unborn: Thursday after Mother’s day at 7pm
*December 25th: Baby shower
*March 23rd: bilingual mass to start Spiritual Adoption and Blessing of pregnant mothers
*Pro-Life movie in the month of March/April
*Spiritual Adoption: Mach 23rd- Dec. 24th

*40 Day Prayer Vigil: Spring campaign starts on Ash Wednesday, Fall campaign starts on 4th Wednesday of September.

Anyone is welcome, please come!
Learn with us and be part of this valuable and necessary movement.
Information: 889-4447 -Nancy

Events in the Past

Spiritual Adoption Program, Witness to Life events, Walk for Life West Coast, One Life LA, Baby Shower hosted by OLG, 40 Day Prayer Vigil, Candle Vigil hosted by Right to Life of Kern County, Life Chain hosted by Life Savers, baby bottle campaign hosted by Bakersfield Pregnancy Center, Garden of Innocence, Rosary Rally for Marriages,  and the films we have hosted are as followed: Blood Money, Gimme Shelter and The Drop Box.